Camping Shippagan


Splash Pad

Our Water Park will give you access to 18 water play modules that will refresh your children on hot days. Soak up the sun and relax on one of our sun loungers during your family outing to the Water Park.


With a newly renovated course, Minigolf is a must-do activity that will appeal to all members of your family. 


Located along the bay of Saint-Simon, the camping’s 0.7 km footbridge will allow you to admire the sea as well as dreamy sunsets.

Beach (unsupervised)

Our beach is an inviting piece of paradise, its warmth akin to the hospitality of the peoples of Shippagan. Children will take the opportunity to build sandcastles and have fun in the water, while you fully savor your moment of Zen. To stretch your legs, take a walk on the campsite's footbridge, observe the different species of sea and shore birds, or walk the beach in search of shells.


Located in a large, deforested lot, your children will have room to stretch out. Our play module includes a slide, an acrobatic bar, a fireman's bar, and a small climbing wall. There are also swings available for toddlers and adults.

Mini train

The mini train is a must at Camping Shippagan. Several times a week, the mini train takes passengers on board for an excursion through the campgrounds for the pleasure of all!

Outdoor amphitheater

The outdoor amphitheater is a gathering place. During the day, children take advantage of the amphitheater platform to let their imaginations run wild. Every Friday evening, a film is shown in the outdoor amphitheater. Campers can bring their blankets and popcorn for a movie night under the stars.

Thematic activities

Throughout the camping season, several thematic activities are organized such as Halloween, Christmas for campers, Sandcastle competitions, Bingo, Garage sales, etc.

Recreative fishing

Recreational fishing is possible at Camping Shippagan. You will be able to fish for striped bass, as well as certain mollusks such as clams, more commonly known as "cockle clams", and solen marginatus, more commonly known as "grooved razor shells".
In need of information ?
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